Love yourself bracelet

Love yourself bracelet


A unique and special hand Made in Italy silver bracelet that is the symbol of the fight against anorexia and bulimia. It is no coincidence that the color of the bracelet is Lilla, the color of commitment and awareness towards the problems linked to eating disorders.

Wearing LOVE YOURSELF BRACELET will allow you to recall the mantra that every woman should remember every day to herself: LOVE YOURSELF !

Part of the proceeds will be donated to ABA to support the association's projects and in particular the awareness and prevention meetings in elementary and middle schools.

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Fit is Beauty (, a wellness & charity blog founded in 2017 by Giulia Calefato with the aim of promoting a concept of "intelligent" beauty based on psychophysical wellbeing, supports an important social campaign together with ABA (association founded by Fabiola De Clercq and engaged since 1991 in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders - LOVE YOURSELF MOVEMENT.