marco dell'omo sport

Sea has always been a great passion of Marco Dell’Omo. From this love rises Marco Dell’Omo sea. A line of handmade bracelets symbol of uniqueness, love and passion for the sea.

Ocean Drop YCM, exclusively made for the legendary Yacht Club de Monaco.

Of rare beauty and sophistication, yet perfect to wear everyday, Ocean Drop sea is made for those who love the sea. Each bracelet has a nautical strap of different colours. It is also available in exclusive editions that you can find in the world’s best Yacht Clubs boutiques, with customised flag colors of each legendary Yacht Club and the initials engraved on the precious silver drop.

Ocean Drop special edition that celebrates 20 years of partnership between the two most exclusive yacht club in the world:

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and Yacht Club Monte Carlo.


A unique bracelet for every unique place that will bring exceptional memories and emotions with you.

OCEAN DROP. The spirit of sea