“Elegance is simplicity and sophistication”.

When you say Marco Dell’Omo you say elegance: simplicity, sophistication and taste are the unique expression of Marco’s story and the italian tradition, craftsmanship and culture people all over the world love and aspire to.

“I’m moved by the desire to make women all over the world feel strong emotions by creating clothes, accessories and precious objects that represent the most authentic expression of Italian elegance, a unique combination of simplicity and sophistication, symbol of interior elegance”. Marco Dell’Omo

Born in Milan on July 5, 1987, under the sign of cancer that defines her extremely sensitive character, Marco is the Italian par excellence, her parents are both born in Milan, but in his veins flow the blood of the whole “bel paese” : the roots in fact are from all over Italy. His parents instill in him the passion for travel, art and beauty, bringing him to visit the most beautiful places in the world. Marco is contaminated by all kinds of beauty from the natural to the artistic one and acquires that sense of freedom that only travel can give. He began working in fashion since he was 19th, than he graduated in Design after a period of life and work in what would become his second home: New York. Returning to Italy, he brought within the freedom and energy of the big apple and was moved by the desire to join them conceptually to the Italian way of life “la dolce vita”. He began to work as a creative creator for commissioned works of various genres for major customers in the world, attracted by his unique style: elegant, simple and refined. In 2017, driven by the desire to bring the Italian elegance, understood as a way of life, in the world, founded his brand and launched the first iconic jewel: Ocean Drop. The jewel of the sea (Marco’s greatest love) and freedom, which immediately arouses great success all over the world. The name Marco Dell’Omo immediately became synonymous with the highest expression of elegance Made in Italy and is desired by all those who aspire to be elegant and charming.
Marco is currently engaged in the study of creations that will make the world dream.


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